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While clubs and teams may host tryouts for uncarded players at any point during the year, most clubs and teams have their tryouts in the 2 weeks after Memorial day to form their teams for the following fall and spring seasons. These tryouts are unrestricted - any player may attend any tryout they choose.

A number of clubs and teams will also host supplemental tryouts in early November for players wanting begin play in the spring. These tryouts are resricted to players who were not carded to a mvysa team for the preceding fall or carded players who have been placed on the mvysa Permission to Tryout/Talk list. Parents can contact their fall coach to have their son or daughter placed on this list.

Clubs or teams may add uncarded players to their rosters to fill open spots on their rosters or form new teams without a tryout. Players may be added to existing teams at any time during the year and new teams may be formed during the summer or winter. Parents of uncarded players can contact clubs or teams to explore this option - Club Contact List.
Notes to help use this list
2014-08-01 -                                      Filters:     Both Boys and Girls     Boys Only     Girls Only
When Club or Team Location For Who Flyer
Sat Dec 6, 2014 (2:00PM-3:30PM) independent
Needs Removed
Middletown Tennis Club (Indoor soccer field) Girls U13
Noncarded or Permission List Only
Note: Noncarded means the player is not on the current roster of a team playing in mvysa.

  1. Clicking on a club name will give you info about the club and how to contact them
  2. Clicking on a location will give you a map and directions to the site
  3. Clicking on Flyer will show the club tryout flyer if submitted to mvysa
  4. Tryouts listed as Both are for both boys and girls
  5. Tryouts listed as Noncarded may only be attended by players who are not carded to another mvysa team
  6. Tryouts listed as Permission List Only may only be attended by players who are on the mvysa Permission to Tryout/Talk list
    (ask your coach to get on this list which is used between the fall and spring seasons)
  7. Tryouts flagged as CANCELED! will NOT happen
  8. Tryouts flagged as RESCHEDULED! have been moved to another date

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