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Draft of Fall 2014 Schedule Posted
Make your adjustments before August 8....
On the left menu click on Games and select Current Schedules. Pick your team from the 'Search by Team', and click 'See Game Schedule' or you can click on your team name on the Teams page.

You may adjust the schedule of games for this fall from now to August 8th. Share the draft schedule with your team ASAP.

As you examine your schedule we ask you to consider more than just your team. With 336 teams playing 1344 games at 52 different sites this fall we all need to work together to make it the best we can for all PLAYERS, parents, coaches, and referees. Given the supply of referees, the number of fields and limits on their use, and the many things that affect player availability, it is not possible to grant everyone exactly what they want. Game times on weekdays are affected by sunset and games on weekends must be grouped to make effective use of the referees.

If you think you need a change then first look at your options by logging in, manage team and click on Game Changes, and choosing ‘View game options without submitting NTC’. If you still want to change a game then submit a Need to Change (NTC) by logging in, manage team and click on Game Changes, and choosing the game for which you need a change. Next communicate with your opponent and field coordinator to find a new date or time. Then submit a Game Change Request (GCR). Directions on completing games changes can be found on the Game Changes page.

You are encouraged to submit all GCRs by midnight August 8th. Everyone from parents, coaches, players and referees want to have as few changes as possible during the season. In fact the large number of changes made during the spring season not related to weather made referee scheduling much more difficult.

When you are considering playing on a weekend, choose a new date and time that links up with existing games so one referee crew can easily do multiple games. If a date has a yellow background, we have reached the limit of the number of games that we feel can be covered on that date and cannot add more games on that date unless the game is on a weekend and will join with existing games to share referees.

Seventeen games were scheduled on November 8 and 9 because the restrictions made by the teams and game site blocked all possible game dates. If this happened to your team and you want to change the date then follow the game change procedure outlined above. Teams or sites with very large numbers of restrictions should be cooperative to others in finding schedule solutions.

When requested we attempted to reduce the schedule conflicts for those coaching multiple teams, however we could not find a solution in all cases. We remind you of the need to have an assistant coach who can cover the remaining conflicts and and not place unreasonable demands for changes on other teams in your division.

Fall weekday game times get earlier as the season progresses because the sunset times get earlier each day. Unless the field has lights then the game time cannot be moved to a later time. However, you may use step 3b in Game Changes to move start times earlier on weekdays - ie 7pm start to 6pm, not 6pm start to 7pm.

One way to solve a difficult scheduling problem is to change the game site. The team losing the home game should email with the request and game number.

If game changes are made during the preseason for weekend games that create a gap between remaining games then mvysa will adjust the game times to close the gap.

If you have any questions please contact Gene at or (937) 360-4356.

Posted on: 2014-07-29

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